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What You Should Know Before Ordering

1. A custom cake box will be included in your order, unless you choose delivery option, or opt out of having a box. In that case, Sissy's Sweets will subtract the amount of the cake box from your order. (Certain specialty cakes may not have a box available due to the shape of the board.)

2. Our delivery is $3/mile from our location (one way), or a $15 minimum. Please feel free to inform us of the address of your venue, and we will give you a delivery quote.

3. Some cakes and EVERYTHING made with chocolate (including cake pops), should not be left outside in the Florida heat. They WILL melt! 

4. Most cake pops are made with decorative paper straws, instead of a lollipop stick. Most cake pop stands do not fit paper straws. Cake pops can also be made so that the ball sits on a platter. This makes it much easier to display your pops! When ordering cake pops, please specify your preferences. 

5. Tiered cakes require structure, so there will be straws, skewers/dowels in the tiers of the cake. 

6. Please inform Sissy's Sweets of any allergies of guests.

7. Cakes are very carefully made with love and are structured in the best, most professional way possible! But, after all, it is cake! If you choose the pick-up option, and the cake is somehow compromised after pick-up, it is not the responsibilty of Sissy's Sweets.


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